Monday, June 4, 2007

Transsiberian 18-21 May

4 nopti 3 zile cu trenu'...clasa a III-a bineinteles.

Am fost impresionat ce bine pus la punct ii sistemul feroviar in Rusia (si Jiga cred ca ar fi impresionat). Am dormit cred cel putin 12 ore pe zi si in rest am socializat cu 2 tipe...una din Anglia si una din Olanda. Am incercat sa scriu ceva in jurnal dar pur si simplu nu am putut...asa ca am rugat-o pe englezoiaica sa-mi scrie :

Mihai is sitting in the restaurant of the train number 10 to Irkutsk drinking grape juice with his traveler companions....He's looking like a bear coming out of hibernation....Out of the window trees, sky, green, a few houses, a broken car, a cow, more trees, more sky.....maybe not too wild or surprising but everyone sharing the same small space, few drinks, strange smells, bad Russian pop music

Cam asta o fost atmosfera in tren.......


Anonymous Alexandra Meglene said...

aratati ca niste ursi in trenul ala :) cat de frumos cred ca a fost

October 24, 2008 at 6:28 AM  

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